Midnight Robin Hood


For the past few weeks I have been going out at random hours to pass out the food. I’ve been meeting quite a few wandering musicians and found most of them friendly. During the wee hours, I would find people sleeping on the streets and leave them bread by their sides. If I may say so myself, I’ve been feeling like a midnight Robin Hood – literally, since I “rob the rich” (acquire goods from sponsors) and give it away as is or after making them into sandwiches, lol~

I hope they would be happy finding food (breakfast!) upon waking up smile emoticon

‪#‎kindness‬ ‪#‎vancouver‬ ‪#‎charity‬ ‪#‎helping‬ ‪#‎randomactsofkindness‬ ‪#‎communityhelping‬



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