Familiar Faces


I received an invitation to dinner this weekend, but declined at the last minute to do my community helping. Although I missed having dinner and the company I was supposed to see, I was glad that I went out to do my community helping instead because my sponsor left me tons of food and plenty of sweets, which I know everyone loves 🙂

I was not expecting so much food, so came a bit unprepared. The abundance was overwhelming, and I admit to getting a little too excited/greedy and took more than I could carry >.< As a result, I made myself very sore this weekend. On a silly side, I also made a spectacle of myself on the streets of downtown with my oversized load of baked goods. There I was, a short munchkin in my work dress and chubby jacket dragging a huge bag of food up and down the streets at night. I’m not kidding – I literally dragged it across town as it was so heavy and I’m too short/weak to lift it off the ground. A couple (drunk?) men saw what I was doing and teased me, which I guess testified to how ridiculous I must have looked @.@


Unexpectedly, I came across Brad, Megan, and Jeff in my familiar spots. Brad aged considerably and looked more weathered, but he was still as friendly and warm as ever. He invited me to come back another day to talk with him as he was about to return to his shelter. I plan to go back and do a follow-up next week 🙂

Megan and Jeff were still on Granville, and were happy to see me. I gave Megan a blueberry pie, and a bag of pretzel buns to Jeff. They looked well and energetic. Both of them would be in town for a little while longer before they hit the road again. I think I’ll probably see them again before summer arrives~ I do want to see Megan again as I may have some clothes that fit her ^o^

I guess what I did must have brought on the good fortunes, as good things kept happening to me this weekend – mostly food related too, haha~ After a super fun work night, I was taken out for a late-night meal and received an invitation to Miku restaurant for dinner the next day. I was showered with compliments, allowed to order anything I wanted and also an offer for a job that would suit my school schedule. If that was karma, I think it was totally well worth declining the dinner earlier~!



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