A new friend

I had a great helper this past weekend. He lives right in downtown Vancouver, has a car, and is strong enough to help carry the heavy load, which means that we get to hit the more disadvantaged neighborhoods to distribute more food. On a personal note, I’m just glad that I don’t have to drag bags of bread across town this time. To be frank, I still feel a bit traumatized by what happened the previous week when I looked like an elf who has stolen Santa’s bag of toys @.@

My sponsor had prepared a box for the food bank, but allowed me to have first pick. We took a box of loaves and cupcakes and together hit east hastings. My friend carried the box while I distributed the goods. Within minutes, the whole box was gone.


I saved a loaf and some cupcakes for Brad but he was gone by the time we came back to Hornby, so unfortunately I did not get to see him this past weekend. If I’m not too tired, I’d like to swing by again this week to see if I can catch him downtown.


I’m very happy that I have a new friend who is so keen and sincere about helping me out. I had several with me over the past year, but except for a girl friend everyone else had ulterior motives for joining me. I tried not to encourage the alternative motivation, but, at the same time, I realize that this work itself has no inherent benefits that people may seek even for volunteer work. Unlike other philanthropic activities, it has no extrinsic rewards such as reference opportunities, tax refunds,  recognition, and publicity exposures. This makes it less appealing and attractive to people than other opportunities in the community. For those who did get involved, once they found out that their other goal will not be realized,  they will lose the motivation to continue, even if it temporarily brings them happiness for helping. I am disheartened when I see this, but understand completely. Besides, community helping is about giving back, and not about which cause is more important. I suppose this is why that I am so grateful for my new friend, who still seems enthusiastic even after I made it clear to him about the conditions. Only time will tell if this person is true at heart, but for now I’m simply grateful and want to to be hopeful that he can keep up ^o^         



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