Brief Hiatus


For the last two weeks I have not been able to do my community service due to a badly-sprained ankle. Although I have been able to walk, I cannot carry anything heavy or else I risk further damaging my ankle and unbearable pain. However, it is also because of my visible limp, I have been on the receiving end of many kind acts, for which I am thankful. Some of the acts of kindness include:

-Offers of or actual piggyback rides & pickups from both male friends and random strangers. A few strangers were so worried that they kept trying to pick me up to rush me to the hospital
-People rushing to open and holding doors for me even though I was still a long way from the entrance
-People offering me seats on the transit and calling the transit police to check on me to make sure I was safe
-People helping me at work and becoming “angry” with me for trying to work or not taking care of myself by pushing myself too hard
-People stopping just to ask me how I was and to offer help

Kindness is really everywhere. I didn’t even need to look, but they just come to me at this time when I am in need 🙂

Although I am not sure when I would be able to resume my usual activities, I promise to pay this kindness forward as soon as my poor piggy foot turns back into a normal human foot ^o^


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