Midnight Snack Delivery :)

I was too late and my sponsors did not have anything left when I arrived at downtown this past weekend. So, instead, I got Tim Horton’s baked treats and tossed in a couple of Werther’s Originals in each one. After the fireworks, I went down some quieter streets to find the people taking shelter beneath the shop roofs. I deliberately avoided Granville because of the crowd. I found a few men, and if they were asleep, I simply put the treats beside them. Hopefully, they had woken up to find it good enough as a snack or maybe a quick breakfast~

While I was walking down the streets, I noticed some young people making fun of the signs. A man thought it was funny to pretend to be homeless and asked his friends to take pictures while he pretended to panhandle behind the signs left behind by an individual. Seeing this, I was glad I avoided the club streets.

I’ll be back this upcoming weekend for sure. If all things go as planned, I may have a new helper soon ^.^





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