Unexpected Kindness

Last week I received a most unfortunate news within my family. I was on my way home when I saw the message, and was so distraught that I became oblivious to the bus as it came and went right in front of me. I don’t know how I was able to collect myself since, but somehow I managed to still go out to pass out some pies and pastries to a few strangers who were truly down on their luck, including a man who lost his left leg and could not work but who was always happy to see me~

I was really glad I did went out, because I feel that somehow because of what I did, I was paid back today. A kind local woman who had an abundance of produce in her garden shared the goods with me. I’m really grateful for this not only because of the timing (I had not yet have time to go grocery shopping in two weeks due to dealing with the tragedy) but also because she remembered me and chose to give me the beautiful organic produce. The generous quantity, which includes herbs, edible flowers, tomatoes, kale, apples, and a zucchini, will last me about a week~ I feel this really reinforced my belief that kindness is truly the better choice, and that blessings/karma pay back in unexpected timing but always under optimum conditions ^o^

I was lucky enough to be invited into a private gift circle and had always been on the giving side. This is the first time I’m the receiver, and it was very much appreciated 🙂 I asked for the sweet woman to give priority to people with more needs first, but she thought it was “fair” to give me the top picking~ Seeing her and receiving her kindness really cheered me up and made my little day~ I feel encouraged to carry on and pay forward the kindness, even if it makes me seem silly at times ^o^

#blessing #payingitforward #vancouvergiftcircle #unconditionalkindness#unexpectedkarma #communityhelping




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