Hard Winter

The weather has not been so kind this winter. The snow that followed the rain froze the road and made it difficult to travel. Having a warm sanctuary to call home made me feel very grateful, especially considering that so many don’t even have this basic necessity.

I’m usually blessed with good weather on nights when I do my work, and so would leave home with faith and not umbrellas. Funny enough, over the past few weeks I only had one night when I was not drenched with flurries or rain. It was stupid on my part, but having one more free hand allowed me to carry more, so I guess in a way it was good 😉

The third man I met was angry. When I was approaching him, I heard him yelling at the people walking by. He grabbed the bag of wholegrain bread I offered and tried to throw it away because he was disappointed it was not money. He did say thank you as I walked away, but resumed his random cursing and yelling. It was disheartening, but I wondered if it might have been the poor weather that had caused him to be so angry.

I met a woman who camped outside the hotel with her luggage and tent. I could tell from her terse replies and insistence on hiding her face that she was not accustomed to pan-handling and was terribly shy about her situation. For her, I left a loaf of bread and some muffins. She assured me she would be alright for the night.

Finally, there were a couple of book-reading men not far from her who were very polite. I could tell they were truly hungry as they immediately tore into the bag of bagels I gave them.

I left the rest of the goods with random people I saw sleeping on the streets. It was very cold. I could hardly stand to be outside, so I could not imagine how they would be able to survive the winter if they had no place warmer to sleep. As much as I love a white Christmas, I think I’d rather not have it if it meant that the beauty comes with a deadly price for some.

#vancouver #homelessinvancouver #communityhelping #volunteerism #charitywork #lesson #reflections


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