Be Brave and Take Action!


The other night, I was on my way back home from the hospital when I saw two young men taking a bag that did not belong to them and dumping its contents on the skytrain. I knew I had to do something as everyone else turned a blind eye to their flagrant conduct. Silly and bold as I was, at first I thought about confronting them directly, but the physical pain and ill state I was in prevented me from doing so (fortunately). I looked around and found the translink police number, so took a picture discreetly and informed the authorities, who were quick to respond.

I know that in our society, it is easy to turn a blind eye on wrongs and injustices. The homeless, for example, is the epitome of the invisible minority that exists in our community. Granted, we cannot help everyone, and I, too, am guilty of having to turn away many who asked me for money, but when there are imminent needs, I truly hope people would be courageous enough to take action, and not just idly stand by doing nothing. Growing up, the quote, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, has always struck an empathetic chord with me. Maybe I am not the person perpetuating the crime, but if I acquiesce, if I allow others to do evil or wrong before me, then I am as guilty as active party. I strongly believe in doing my part, because no matter how small and how insignificant it may be at least I am initiating action to effect change~

Oh, gosh, I must sound like I’m on such a high horse… //>.<//

#vancouver #takingaction #ethics #law #moral #society


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